Mustang Ranch (1986) VHSRip

Year:  1986
Country: USA
Director: Stephen Lucas
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Twinks, Threesomes, Outdoor Sex, Classic
Actors: Angelo (Steven Moore), Brandon Wells (80s), Eric Dahl, Matthew Windsor, Michael Vincent, Rickie White, Sparky O'Toole
Length: 01:23:13

Description: It began almost three weeks ago. He came from out of nowhere planted on top of his stallion, he teased me with his riding skill he played with me made me want him wan him bad. He kissed me I thought he would take me for a ride. He took a part of me and just as quickly as he came he was gone. I never knew what became of the mysterious horseman but somehow I was certain that I would see him again. Rough, rowdy and ready these are the ranch hands of the Musstang Ranch. Join seven horny horsemen as they put in a good day of hard work saddle up and enjoy the ride.

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