Schoolmates / Школьные Друзья (1976) VHSRip

Year: 1976
Studio: Bijou
Country: USA
Director: Toby Ross
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Cumshots, Oral Sex, Twinks, Vintage
Length: 00:53:13

Description: An artistic, action-packed pre-condom classic in which a bunch of big dicked, smooth, college-aged, lanky boys study each other's anatomy more than textbooks. A cutesy narrator frames the vignettes, but with a soundtrack featuring the likes of Pink Floyd (unlicensed, to be sure), trippiness is more the order of the day.
In the first interlude, a towering Kyle MacLachlan-lookalike sucks and fucks his shaggy-haired buddy. He's obviously quite happy and almost fails to withdraw upon cumming. Then our young narrator introduces the hunky coach, who jerks off in front of his students - some syllabus, huh?
However, the film's most magical sequence revolves around the dim-bulb, redheaded cover model Timothy Long and a cunning, frisky buddy. While Long massages his cock and ruminates on "hot chicks," his pal thinks out loud such classic lines like "That's it - I gotta take advantage of this stupidity" and "The whole family couldn't have an IQ of more than fifteen. .. Together! "- And finally goes for the gusto.

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